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Ana Cummings
“Inspired interiors indubitably involve ingenious imitations of inspired interiors.”

Ana takes her inspiration from travel, architecture, nature and a host of other influences. Her design mantra, quoted in Architectural Digest’s roundtable, reflects her openness to intuition and resourcefulness.

Ana’s designs are guided by a recognition of the vital nature of ambience, nourishment and aesthetic in her process.

Ana’s designs can be found across the globe. They range from her home base in Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver, the States, across Europe and the Caribbean. Great design knows no borders, so if transformative spaces are in your future then ANA Interiors can deliver no matter where you are.

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Our Commitment To You

We take great care in selecting and trusting the expert hands that our client work is in. Happy supplier and trade partners make for the best working relationships. And ultimately, we know it takes a village to complete a well-designed vision, which is a reflection of our national and international award-winning work.

ANA Interiors commitment to our craft, our valued clients, our impeccable trade partners and suppliers who all constantly deliver high quality, original, outside the norm designs.

ANA Interiors takes immense pride in keeping ourselves accountable for the many decisions that need to take place in an efficient and timely manner. All of our projects are completed on time and on budget, and our trades & suppliers are always paid immediately. This is because we realize that our designs are only as good as the people who are executing them.

ANA Interiors is truly passionate about the healing power of beauty, raising the design bar and will never compromise our high standards. While anyone can generate mediocre or formula-based designs, our wheelhouse is dreaming about what’s possible, how you can best function within your space and what will make you never want to leave it.

St. Maarten/St. Martin

As a world traveller, award-winning aesthete & decorator, health & wellness advocate (and bonafide “beach person”), Ana’s love for St. Maarten transpired much as it did the same way for all people who have ever decided to make it their permanent vacation destination. There’s not only a natural pull to experience: the constant trade wind temps; most vivid aquamarine waters surrounding the 30 stunning beaches; the friendliest people you’ll ever meet; the inspiring landscape & rich history of the island; the vibrancy of cuisine & cultural life – there’s also a much deeper reason why people seek out the restorative benefits of sea & surf.

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