Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas (By 40 Interior Decorators)

Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas (By 40 Interior Decorators)

Moving to a new place is so exciting, and a thoughtful housewarming gift can do much more than help you scoring friend points!

A good housewarming present can help ease the transition, and get everyone psyched about their new space all over again 🙂

To help you come up with the best ideas, we reached out to 40 interior decorators and asked them for their top 3 gift ideas for a housewarmingparty. Scroll on to find the perfect gift ideas!


Ana Cummings

Housewarming gifts that are beautiful and personal are always highly appreciated.

1. Monogrammed Hand Towels

You cannot go wrong with a set of luxurious monogrammed hand towels for a powder bathroom. They are classic, elegant and will be lovingly used for years.

2. Coffee table book

Another thoughtful token would be a gorgeous coffee table book in a subject that you know appeals to the homeowner. Books are really wonderful for using as smart décor on surfaces or shelves, they are aesthetically pleasing, and may even act as a conversation starter.

3. Charcuterie board

I also love to give custom made Black Walnut or Olive Wood, Live Edge, Charcuterie Boards. Handmade by artisan woodworkers, all are 100% unique, come in different sizes, and will make any kind of nibblies, even store bought, look fabulous.


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