Trail Appliances: 10 Questions….

Trail Appliances: 10 Questions….

ANA Q and A.

  1. Where do you get your inspiration from?

 I get my inspiration from just about anywhere and everywhere! Mother nature and the great outdoors, big cities, ancient architecture, travel, museums, online – newsfeed favourites, Pinterest, Instagram, & Facebook, pop culture, the passions of my friends and family, and of course, shelter magazines. Basically, I devour anything design-related, I’m a sponge for the visual and the aesthetic.

    2. Have you ever looked back at something you designed and thought “What was I thinking?”

 No. When I look back as far as ten years, to my very first projects, they still feel relevant, comfortable and give me a feeling of happiness. Well thought out design is everlasting. Sure, materials and colours may change, but if it’s good to begin with, it’s always good and your brain and body just sense that.

   3. How did you get into Interior Design?

 I’ve always had a passion for it. On any given weekend, a fun day out as a youngster living in London, Ontario, would be browsing the local fabric store with my mother. Many many years, a masters degree in Linguistics, two children and a stint living in Kuwait later, I attended Mount Royal in Calgary. I had been published a couple of times in 2006 and thought if I really wanted to pursue this creative career, I should have some type of document that recognized that.

   4. If you had to pick your favorite magazine, design related or not, what would it be?

  Elle Décor and Architectural Digest.

   5. What was your first job?

 My first job was a Page at the Public Library. I had more overdue fines than any other person if you can believe that. I have very fond memories of that job. It would have been for me the equivalent of what google is now. Books really open up one’s world.

  6. How do you keep yourself current?

 I keep accreditation with the Canadian Decorators’ Association, am a member of the Calgary Design Group and Interior Décor Resources Canada. I attend supplier and trade shows, conferences, product launches, give talks at retailers, and I try to stay on top of it as best I can. I follow what’s hot in current society, from fashion to movies to gadgets to colours to cars and my favourite people on Instagram. It’s all intertwined.

  7. What is your personal style?

 It’s definitely eclectic. And it changes accordingly depending on my mood, the season, my daily schedule, the project I’m working on and where I’m travelling to next. But if I had to pin point it, it’s based on simple elegance – from the things that I wear to what I put into my house. There are pieces in my wardrobe from 25 years ago that I still wear now. And my home is a sophisticated, restful, neutral and cozy place with lots of original art and objects collected on travels.

  8. If you weren’t doing this, what would you likely be doing?

 I’d be doing this, or something as close to this as possible. A stylist for a magazine, a major retailer’s head window dresser, a movie set designer, a photographer. It would be in the creative field calling the shots, that’s for sure.

  9. What is one quick and easy way people can update a room?

 Paint and wallpaper. Or even cheaper, take everything out of the room and re-arrange it. But the best way to start any update, is with a good cleaning.

 10. Where is your favorite place to visit?

 Anywhere tropical, with soft sandy deserted beaches and crystalline warm waters gets my vote. Following that, New York City and Italy. I give homage to my Italian heritage, everything from the food, wine, design, history and bustling culture. And even though my favourite places are on the extreme ends of earth’s pendulum, they both invigorate and revitalize me.

..But I’ll never say no to exploring somewhere new!

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