Ana Xmas Table Setting

Set The Table For Christmas

Set The Table For Christmas

How many of us are going to host a holiday dinner? How many do we usually entertain?

Is it a formal sit down multi-course dinner in the dining room? Do we serve the feast family style? Or do we lay all of our prepared dishes on an island buffet andcreate a help yourself and sit wherever you please scenario? A little of both? I’ve done them all, and all are equally as fun.

 Let’s go through my 7 steps, that creates the perfect table-top for your celebration dinner.

1. Choose your table. (my dining table)

Ana Xmas Table Setting

Where will you eat? Dining table, Kitchen table, etc..


2. Choose your Colour Scheme and Linens

 Ana Xmas Table Set 1                                                                                                   (Pinterest)

Linens, tablecloth, tablecloth and runner, runner only, table cloth and placemats…the permutations and combinations are endless. If you don’t have any linens, chargers or placemats really define that this is a special meal.


HOT TIP: if you don’t have a tablecloth in your colour scheme, head to the local fabric store and purchase an amount the length of your table. All you need to finish are the ends. Most decorator fabrics are 54”wide, enough to cover common table widths.

 Now, if you’re not a traditionalist, there’s no rule to say that you have to use traditional Christmas colours… you can use very contemporary colour schemes like blue, teal, purple and orange. Black and white is also a very sophisticated Christmas scheme.


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