Ana Cummings at Urban Barn Heritage

How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring Tip 1. Spring is all about making a fresh start. We do this with our wardrobes by changing out our boots for open toe flats – our homes are no different! Time to shake things up.

Ana Cummings at Urban Barn Heritage

Ana Cummings at Urban Barn Heritage

Spring Tip 2. Clean & dust all crown moldings, lighting, chandeliers and fan blades. After all that neck straining upwards, balance it out by washing your floors, give baseboards the ‘single sock’ treatment (All those lonely socks we can’t find matches for – give them one last use before throwing them away by putting them on your hands and dust the baseboards).

Hot Tip: We know cleaning isn’t fun, but it is when you throw on some good

beats, apply a facial mask, and a set of teeth whitening strips. Multi-task by

getting you AND your house looking great.

Spring Tip 3. Change out your winter scents for spring time ones. This means everything from candles and pot pourri to wax melts and scent emitters. If you use certain cleansers, change those fragrances as well.

Spring Tip 4. Shed those heavy winter layers for lighter weight ones. Chunky knit pillows can be replaced with cotton or silk, and fur throws can be changed out for light chenille or a quilt. Put a lighter duvet on your bed and don’t forget to rotate your mattress.

Spring Tip 5. Rearrange the furniture. See your room with fresh eyes. Try a new grouping or conversation zone. Once furnishings get pushed around, you really do feel a noticeable change in the energy of a space. And want to know the biggest secret to moving furniture solo? Towels.

Spring Tip 6. Clean your windows inside and out. Also take this time to check around the exterior of your home and take notice of where you need to do touch ups.

Spring Tip 7. Thoroughly clean your kitchen. This means inside all appliances too. If you don’t have the time nor energy to do it, hire someone. You’ll want to start cooking healthy springtime meals and setting fresh tables with all the beautiful flowers that’ll be everywhere soon.

Spring Tip 8. Change out deep pile area rugs for flat weave or low pile ones with natural fibres. If you have heavy traffic, or pets, and want to keep the same rugs out (like Persians) get them professionally cleaned. It’s not expensive and will prolong the life of your area rug.

Spring Tip 9. Clean your draperies or change them out to a springtime colour. The same goes for furniture slipcovers, pillow covers and shower curtains. These kinds of inexpensive accents should be switched out seasonally and can completely change the feel of your space.

Spring Tip 10. The only thing we all may not look forward to in Spring, is tax season. Take this opportunity to get your office organized by adding new filing systems to keep papers and belongings contained and out of regular vision.

Spring Tip 11. After a bleak brown and grey wintry landscape, spring offers up some beautiful colours. Think crocus flowers, daffodils and tulips – pink, blue, violet, yellow, orange and red. It’s time to move away from grey in our interiors (as with our wardrobes) and embrace the growth of green again. Mother nature is pretty spectacular offering high contrast and high chroma everywhere we look.

Spring Tip 12. Bring the outdoors in. Clip twigs with buds and tiny flowers and put them into a large glass vase. A new houseplant can signify spring if you’re a green thumb, or even a bouquet from the grocery store. If you don’t like fresh flowers or have allergies, check out the wonderful selection of silk flowers available at most décor destinations.

Spring Tip 13. Inspect and repair any of your outdoor furnishings. They may need a little spit and polish. You may even wish to replace a cushion or the whole set. Sunbrella fabrics have really come a long way and people are now embracing them for indoors too.

Spring Tip 14. Freshen up your walls. Add a new paint colour, wallpaper, or artwork. Perhaps something nature inspired, or more lively, which will add energy and personality to your home.

Ana Cummings at Urban Barn Heritage

Ana Cummings at Urban Barn Heritage


And once you’ve done all that to your space, get outside and enjoy the weather!!! You’re done!! 🙂

This post is based on a presentation given at the Heritage Urban Barn location in Calgary.



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