viking-color: ANA Interior

Coloured Appliances: A Bold Statement

Coloured Appliances:

A Bold Statement for Your Kitchen

Big Chill: ANA Interiors

Big Chill

The designer Issac Mizrahi said that, “ Colour is like food for the spirit-plus it’s not addictive or fattening.

If colour really is food for the spirit then the trend towards very colourful appliances makes perfect sense. What is old often is new again but these new tones aren’t your 70’s Harvest Golds or Avocado Greens. These new colours are well, this.


viking-color: ANA Interior


Everyone it seems is getting in on the act. From Whirlpool, GE, Mielle, Bertazzoni, The Big Chill, Kitchen Aid, Lacanche, Viking Blue Star and more, colour is king. White is now passé and black boring. Even stainless steel can’t compete with Wasabi, Jaguar Burgundy, Mint Julep, Buttercup Yellow, Cherry Red, Jadeite Green and Pink Lemonade. You can even use Pantone to create your own custom colour.

Big Chill Red: ANA InteriorsANA Interiors

ANA Interiors







Many of the latest colours have been inspired by food itself. The vibrant colours of fruit. The deep tones of vegetables and the subtleties of herbs and spices are finding expression in many lines of coloured and retro appliances. Who wouldn’t want a Saffron stove or a Basil Green dishwasher?

ANA Interiors


But there are some considerations before you make the leap out of white, black or stainless.

 Colour might get dated.

Trends do come and go and how long will Turquoise really be what you want to look at everyday?



Colour isn’t inexpensive. Many manufacturers charge a stuff premium for the “out of the ordinary.” They manufacture the basics in droves but bold colours are still a bit of a niche market and you will pay for your desire for bold.


How long can you live with it?

Jaguar Burgundy may look great today but will you still want to live with it 5, 10, 15 years from now?


Resale value

You may love the colour but a perspective buyer may not be so keen. They’ll see dollar signs to replace the appliances. Or you’ll want to take them with you, which may create a new set of problems. If you plan to stay put the cost and statement they make is a better bargain.

ANA Interiors


In the end it’s all about personal style, budget and choice. No longer are you left with a narrow choice of colours for your kitchen appliances. Want a Cherry Red fridge? Easy.

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